S.O.X.D is the latest musical project formed by Vincere Sylph.
The special release album "Battlefield"
is now available for digital download as well as on a Digipak CD!

In its core, S.O.X.D (State of Extreme Delusion) fuses Electronica, Dark Ambient and Experimental. However, its self-created genre weaves together many other musical styles, such as Dark-Future Pop, Industrial, Goth, Neoclassical, Ethnic, Atmospheric and Cinematic. S.O.X.D‘s music strive to be unconfined by today’s musical genre terminology. In Sylph’s own words, the S.O.X.D project sets “a place with no boundaries to let music free in a more creative, yet somewhat ominous way”. 

"Battlefield", S.O.X.D's first album was released in 2014. It includes five original tracks, and the bonus track "Salty Marshland" which features the wonderful former Bjork violinist Ima Jonsdottir and the very talented cellist Zlatomir Fung.

The album showcases the distinctive sound of S.O.X.D by contrasting musical elements and clashing evocative ethereal melodies with dark, apocalyptic and post war soundscapes. The album’s driven force is dominated by marching thundering rhythms, grooving synths, and the use of artillery and machinery elements throughout the album. Layers of dark, ominous soaring pads and the floor-shaking roar of approaching war drums, give "Battlefield" its distinctive sound.

 ~ The Story Behind Battlefield

The S.O.X.D project, which came to life in early 2012, is in true contrast to my previous musical creations.
I wanted to create something different with an edge, however I still enjoy the balance between this project and my other works. As the saying goes - variety is the spice of life.

"Battlefield" was a long and complex project. The work on "Battlefield" started in winter of 2012 and stretched over long months through dark, cold winter nights. This fitted the atmosphere of the project perfectly. I find myself many times compose during the winter, as this is the most inspirational time of the year for me.

"Battlefield" is also one of the emotionally demanding projects that I have worked on. 2012 wasn't an easy year for me personally and that put the project somewhat to a halt. Despite the difficulties and obstacles along the way I still managed to work on this project, In "Battlefield", war motives and dark apocalyptic post-war undertones are used to sculpt a unique sound. The use of artillery and machinery elements, layers of ominous pads and the floor-shaking roar of approaching war drums give "Battlefield" its distinctive sound.

                                                                                ~ Vincere Sylph